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Aboriginal Engagement


Most of this province is unceded (i.e. there is not legal agreement that removes territory from most Aboriginal peoples). Thus, the relationship between Aboriginal communities and the province/country is at present undefined. What we do know is that there is a commitment to continue to move toward the completion of modern treaties which will result in a change to the political, legal, and business climate in BC. If you are a non Aboriginal person residing in the province you have as much stake in this process as Aboriginal people and it is to your benefit to help insure that a positive, strong, and equal partnership between Aboriginal people and Canadian society emerges from the current relationship. This is why it is critically important to facilitate a base understanding of Aboriginal history, culture, and legal standing to non-Aboriginal people. It is also a role that the university plays and has committed to doing in the best possible way.

Aboriginal Strategic Plan:

UBC Aboriginal Strategic Plan calls upon the University to develop and integrate Aboriginal content within existing program curricula across faculties. Within, “Curriculum and Public Programming”, the strategic plan provides specific guidance on how the university should develop new curriculum and learning opportunities for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students alike. A copy of this section has been attached with this case study for you to review and discuss.

The Challenge:

A number of faculties and programs have developed Aboriginal specific course content, courses and program requirements, while others are just beginning to explore ways to accomplish this. The challenge will be to enhance and expand content and learning opportunities across the University’s many diverse fields of study. As senior students, you have a unique perspective that can provide valuable feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Think about your total UBC experience and consider ways in which Aboriginal issues and perspectives could have been integrated into your educational experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

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