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Case Studies

Case Studies

Have questions or inquiries regarding Case Studies? Please contact our Concurrent Programs Director, Victoria Camp, at victoria.camp@slc.ubc.ca, or our Co-Chair, Holly Dysserinck, at holly.d@slc.ubc.ca.

What are Case Studies?

Case Studies were designed as an interactive and collaborative component to connect senior-level students and alumni with important and current UBC and/or community initiatives. Case Studies emerged for the first time at the SLC 2011 and focused on providing perspective to the nine commitments of UBC’s Strategic Plan: Place and Promise. After a strong response from alumni, participants and UBC stakeholders for the past two years, we are excited to move forward with Case Studies at the SLC 2014.

Case Studies

This year, you will have a chance to interact with one of the unique and emerging initiatives at UBC by providing feedback in the form of a presentation. It is our hope that these Case Studies will also provide you with the opportunity to play an active role in the success and implementation of the selected UBC and/or community initiatives.

Vantage College:

Students will get the chance to view the new program for International Students, launching next year, and give feedback on how we can better support International students, on how this program may be implemented and on effective ways to communicate this to the student body.
Tradition on Campus:
This discussion will encourage students to take a closer look at student-led traditions on campus and how they form our language, actions and culture.
AMS Services:
Students will weigh in on which services the AMS offers. Topic will include which feedback on how the services are offered as well as how students can become better engaged in them.
Expectations of Students on Campus:
This conversation will focus on the expectations of students at UBC in involvement and academic settings. Students will discuss how we can bridge the gap between academics and co-curricular involvements.


What can I expect from Case Studies?

The SLC Case Studies will span Concurrent Session 1 and Concurrent Session 2 of the conference itinerary. In the Concurrent Session 1, students and alumni will be divided into groups and presented with a case study to be developed through the remainder of this session. In the Concurrent Session 2, these groups will present their feedback and participate in an interactive dialogue with UBC faculty, staff and administration.

How will the cases be assigned?

You will be presented with one of the case studies in Concurrent Session 1. A primary goal of the Case Studies is to engage and identify with new and emerging UBC initiatives. In this sense, you will have the opportunity to be part of a bigger story on campus by exploring and proposing solutions to address unmet needs in our communities, call out for change, and create new standards.

Are their any requirements to participate in Case Studies?

It is recommended that participants meet the following criteria:

      1. At least one year of past SLC attendance
      2. Senior-level student, graduate student or alumni

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