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(Re)Defining Leadership
Komal Jatoi
Room TBA

Leader A vs. Leader B: defining leadership, without the Oxford Dictionary.


FULL - Building a positive team dynamic: trust and understanding
Jenny Huang & Mary Langley
Room TBA

Take part in learning an essential component of leadership! Look at the importance of building a positive team environment by creating trust and understanding.


FULL - Excel in Group Situations: Own Your Personality
Beth Trelease & Justin Goodhew
Room TBA

Using the hit TV show The Office, you will learn how to be the best that you can be by breaking down different personalities to understand how to stand out in group settings.


FULL - How to be a Chameleon
Rosy Lee, Mychal Rodway & Tlell Brown-Bentley
Room TBA

Take what you’ve learned about leadership colours and throw them out the window.


How to reconnect youth with nature
Rosalind Sadowski
Room TBA

Learn about how we view the natural world, and how YOU can change that!


FULL - How to Work With People That Suck.
Crystal Hon
Room TBA

People suck. That’s a fact of life. But you still have to work with them. Learn how to deal with that and also identify things in yourself that suck, learn how to deal with it and lessen its impact on others.


FULL - Making Change from Here: Taking on the University and Winning
Neal Yonson, Sean Cregten & Matt Parson
Room TBA

Break through UBC’s red tape. Learn how to piss people off and get results.


FULL - One Year to Change: Differentiate Yourself from the Crowd
Jillian Walker
Room TBA

Reflecting on the lasting lessons leadership positions have taught us for adulthood.


Orientation Angels Present Leadership Unwrapped: How to discover and utilize your leadership skills
Alana Douglas, Alison Chan & Rebecca Coulson
Room TBA

Teaching student leaders how to use their own personal strengths and abilities in connecting with leadership roles on campus.


RHA 101: How to build an organisation
Holly Dysserinck, Tim Kato & Lawrence Lam
Room TBA

Join us as we build an organisation from the ground up!


FULL - Shufflin’ 101: How to Plan a Party!!!
Carolee Changfoot & Harsev Oshan
Room TBA

50 minutes of SHUFFLIN’: Working with logistics, risk/issues management, communication and marketing channels, plus more.


Take Note! Sing Out! – Leadership in Music
Hussein Janmohamed BMus ’96 MMus ’98, Ian Bannerman & Eva St.Clair-Moniz
Room TBA

The objective of this high energy, interactive workshop is to break through your fear of singing and discover qualities of leadership that are applicable and necessary to create music together as well as in our personal and professional lives.


The Inductive Cheerleader Effect
Sarah Louadi & Olivia Yung
Room TBA

It originates within an individual and people want to follow those who can share it with them; come find “it” at our workshop.


The Power of the Love Note: How a Chicken Changed Camp
Kait Mooney
Room TBA

In a world where genuine human connection is becoming less common, hear the story of how one “Love Chicken” spread celebration and inspiration through the recognition of small wins to a summer camp community and beyond.


Size Isn’t the Only Thing That Matters: How to Keep Your Team Engaged
Peter Yang, Danielle Anderson, Camille Esquivel & Nathan Chow
Room TBA

Leadership isn’t just about delegating tasks to people. True leadership is about engaging and communicating effectively with each other – and you can have the capability to do that. As executives from the Chinese Varsity Club, the largest social club on campus, we will show you how we apply these concepts into our organization.


FULL - Getting Out of Your Own Way
Matt Corker BCom ’08 & Krystal Gabriel BHK’08
Room TBA

What we think the world is holding back from us, is usually what we are holding back from the world. This workshop will get attendees to take the next step in their leadership and help them uncover how to make ALL their teams, relationships, and lives unbelievably GREAT!! It’s time to get out of our own way!


FULL - LEGO of your role, being a leader amongst leaders
Jason Liadis
Room TBA

Being a leader in university is hard. Why? Because there are far too many people just like you. So LEGO of what you thought it meant to be a leader and learn how to lead the leaders.!


Team Member Mayhem!
Amanda Giesler
Room TBA

Someone on your team driving you nuts? This workshop will help you BREAKTHROUGH team member conflicts to maximize your efficacy in a team setting and help you to become a well-rounded leader.

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