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FULL - Balancing on the Tightrope of Life (A Balanced Lifestyle)
Angela Tenisci, Jason Luce & Tina Lin
Room TBA

Come one, come all to learn how to walk the tightrope of life by participating in fun activities including interactive group work, games, and actually walking a tightrope.


FULL - Can you organize a large Event? NOW YOU CAN!!!!
Amelie Schumacher
Room TBA

Logistics, ad campaign, effective meetings, time lines and delegating tasks? Running a large event is not easy. Learn the basics of event management! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!


Chew on this!
Colleen Hughes-Games & Marley Macvey
Room TBA

For the healthy digestion of your ideas, come and learn how to chew thoroughly on your past, present, and future experiences.


FULL - Creating Connections in a Competitive World: A Networking Workshop
Syed Muhammad Bin Ismail & Nicole Laberge
Room TBA

Strengthen your networking skills in this interactive workshop by learning to enhance your communication skills, rekindling your confidence and capitalizing on your connections.


FULL - Cultivating Breakthroughs: A High Achiever’s Guide to Goal Setting
John Chan
Room TBA

Struggling with too many unmet goals? Need help figuring out your ‘first’ goal? Come learn the psychology of achievement and motivation and use proven goal setting tools by today’s high achievers.


FULL - Empowering yourself, Influencing Others
Christopher Zheqi, Lucy Yuan & Megan Chun
Room TBA

Empowering yourself, Influencing others


Generalizing a Generation: Understanding, Accepting and Owning It.
Kiran Mahal
Room TBA

I’m not tryin’ to cause a big sensation, I’m just talkin’ ‘bout my Generation. This is a workshop that explores the characteristics attributed to Generation Y and how this impacts you now and in the future.


FULL - How to start a rumour – skills for team and leadership development
Cate Morrison BA ’04, Joey Cheng BSc ’10 & Courtney Northrup
Room TBA

Spotted: Gossip Girl on UBC Campus… oh wait, that’s a student leader! Attend this workshop to learn about strategies to ensure you don’t get caught in the gossip trap!


FULL - Investing Your Leadership Potential – The Importance of Diversifying your Leadership Experience
Michael Wong & Joaquin Acevedo
Room TBA

Just like investing in the stock market, success in leadership requires diversification – join us and learn why you should “invest” your leadership potential in more than one place!


FULL - Learn to attract more of what you want, and less of what you don’t!
Meike Schieb
Room TBA

Learn about the Law of Attraction and use it to create motivational goals for your everyday life as well as your far future! Master to attract everything into your life that you want!


FULL - Pimp My Resume
Enzo Woo & Verena Facundo
Room TBA

Make your resume blast through the pile. Stand out in the crowd. Impress from the get-go.


Stereotypes: Stranger than Fiction
Haitham Haidar & Krystal Valentine
Room TBA

“She’s dumb, it’s probably because she’s blonde.” Guess what? She could just be uneducated or apathetic. Attend this workshop to learn how refusing stereotypes helps make us better leaders in our society.


FULL - The Power of Persuasion: learn how to get what you want
Jonathan Amanatidis & Kaleigh Nevin
Room TBA

Babies and psychopaths have one thing in common: they’re excellent at getting what they want. Harness the power of persuasion, and get what you want without the tantrums and dirty tactics.


What the S.H.? Sexual Harassment.
Michelle Dow, Rayna Sanghvi, Dilnozakhon Shamsutdinova & Sion Kang
Room TBA

Flirting, or sexual harassment? How do you defend for yourself and the people around you? Join our workshop to know more!


FULL - Your Passion, Your Success
Faye Evangelista, Crystal Chu & Amanda Feng
Room TBA

Your heart’s in the game of tennis, but your body’s slaving away in the lab? Are you a philosophy major by day, and lead guitarist by night? Recognize your passions, and make your experiences worthwhile!


FULL - “Holy Accomplishments, Batman!”: Learning How to Market your Transferable Skills
Melany Rodgers, Jill Saevitzon, Frances Wu & Nasrin Himani
Room TBA

Have you ever looked at your resume, felt more like a sidekick than a superhero, and wished you knew how to turn your work or volunteer experiences into super-powered job opportunities?


FULL - 30 Day Challenge – Pursuing Your Passions and Going Beyond the Boundaries
Jeremiah Carag &Chandni Karmacharya
Room TBA

Pursue your passions and go beyond the boundaries by embarking on a 30-day challenge. Track your progress and inspire other people.


Anti-discrimination Response Training (A.R.T.)
Nikki Rosychuk & CJ Rowe
Room TBA

Have you ever wondered how you can respond to racist/sexist/homophobic remarks and other situations of discrimination and disrespect, with concrete and constructive action? This workshop will work with workshop participants to learn more about the A.R.T.


FULL - Grabbing the Beat: Knowing When to Speak Up and How to Do It
Michael DeMaria & Nir Av-Gay
Room TBA

Don’t sit at the back of the room with your head down and arms crossed any longer, learn through improvised storytelling when to speak up and how to do it from two professional up-speakers.


FULL - Happiness by Design – how to create your own happiness project
Shelley Long
Room TBA

Learn how to construct and execute your very own “Happiness Project” and about the importance of diagramming as an exercise by creating a Happiness Project plan using list-making and basic design drawing as metaphors and mediums of communication.


How To Use Your Watering Can
Katherine Sang-Anderson & Joanne Kim
Room TBA

“Our generation will be remembered for the Internet, for the war against terror, and for how we let an entire continent burst into flames while we stood around with watering cans—or not”


Improvising Creativity & Collaboration
Sahil Dhingra UBC JD ’10
Room TBA

Stop, Collaborate and Listen! Get creative, and learn what your meetings have been missing!


FULL - Managing Your Time By Managing Your Life
Nick Thornton & Gillian Corbo
Room TBA

Let us teach you to see time management in a whole new light. We will show you that good time management is about knowing yourself not just doing more in less time


Me, Myself, and My Research
Stacey Guo, Amy Hung & Mel Ang
Room TBA

If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of research opportunities available in UBC and don’t know where to start, drop by on the workshop that will change your life; URO of UBC presents: Me, Myself, and My Research.


FULL - The road less travelled – the winding journey of finding a job you love
Theresa Liao BSc ’04, MSc ’08 & Ajay Puri BSc ’03, MHA ’05
Room TBA

Making decisions about your future career can be scary, especially since these decisions can have great impact on your life. Learn how to better prepare yourself for tough decisions from our stories…


Too good for your own good: The leadership behind taking time for yourself
Victoria Camp
Room TBA

Ever find yourself saying “Breaks are for the weak” or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”? Then you’ve got a case of the Go-go-go’s. Prescription? THIS WORKSHOP! Learn how to take time for you, guilt-free!


Tolerating Accents: Deconstructing Stereotypes and Learning to Listen
Kyuwon Kim, Francesca Luizza, Rosalind Ho & Jenny Zhao
Room TBA

How many times have you walked into a lecture hall and had students complain about how they can’t understand because “the Prof has an accent”? Learn to respond to these situations and ultimately, learn how to create a more respectful UBC environment.

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