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Session 5

We’ll help you take off:
From starting businesses in the slums to pursuing musical aspirations

Empowering youth in the slums of Nairobi: Sauder Africa
Martina Valkovicova and Stephanie Fan

Every year a group of passionate UBC students spends summer delivering basic business planning and development courses in the slums of Nairobi. Their mission: to inspire and empower the youth in the poorest slums through sustainable entrepreneurship. Students have one of a lifetime opportunity to apply their business skills in real world settings and participate in this grassroots initiative.

Blank Vinyl Project: Passion Redefined
Ben Chen and Billy Lan

Blank Vinyl Project is UBC’s first student-run record label comprised of musicians, marketers, managers, producers, and designers with one thing in common, the love for music. What we have noticed is that UBC has an amazing amount of talented musicians with the passion and the dream for pursing music but they don’t always have the support, business-savviness or time to pursue it actively. That’s when we step in. Our mission is to launch aspiring musicians and give them the opportunity to push themselves further in their musical careers

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