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“Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln

Infinite begins within. It’s the ability to make change within yourself before you change the world. To be infinite is to challenge the breadth of your talents and skills that make you a leader; it’s discovering the inspiration that fuels your ideas, and going beyond ‘outside the box.’ To be infinite is to ask our delegates to search endlessly within themselves to understand what drives their spirit, and apply that fuel to their communities.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir

The theme is in part a reflection of what UBC student leaders are exposed to every day: from the ideas waiting to reach epiphany, to the limitless opportunities for involvement and change, and to the vast number of people searching on our campus, our delegates have the proverbial infinite space at their finger tips. A glance at UBC’s astonishing locale speaks to this: the illimitable landscape of ocean and mountains metaphorically offer an infinite scope of possibilities that our university has to offer.

By asking delegates to “be infinite,” we are asking our leaders to take advantage of this unique moment they are living in where these endless opportunities await them. We want our delegates to leave the conference boundlessly empowered with the confidence, inspiration, and skills to be immeasurably great in what is they want to do. Furthermore, we want them to sustain this possibility of greatness even after the conference is finished.

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis

And then we perceive “infinite” in its most literal form: the capacity to go on forever. To ‘be infinite’ not only appeals to both UBC and SLC goals of environmental sustainability, but it also argues that leadership itself can be sustained. We want our student leaders to not only consider how they can act upon their ideas, but also how they can take the appropriate measures to ensure that these great ideas live within the future.

Moreover, we encourage our delegates to use their leadership skills to inspire others in their communities, in hopes of communally conquering their ambitions and impacting future leaders and ideas. By developing the individual’s skills, we transform the ambitious “me” to the impactful “we” and strengthen the scope of our ideas and endeavours.


The conference branding conveys the visual identity of the theme through representative photographs. Jon Chiang, a UBC alum and past SLC presenter, helps bring the theme to life with these inspirational photographs which capture everyday moments as manifestations of the infinite.

The SLC Planning Committee is infinitely thankful for Jon’s masterful work in bringing our vision of “be infinite” to life. For more information about Jon’s photography, we encourage you to visit his website.

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